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친절함과 넘치는 의리 때문에 손해보고 사는 청아. 어느날, 남들의 사정엔 철저히 무관심한 준휘를 만난다. 성격이 서로 상극인 청아와 준휘는 티격태격하며 점차 가까워진다. 한편, 청아의 언니 설아는 앵커 출신으로, 지금은 재벌가 사모님이자 소셜 미디어 스타다. 화려하지만 행복하다고 할 수는 없는 설아의 삶은 낭만 요리사 문태랑을 만나며 변화의 조짐을 보인다. 특급 호텔 셰프이지만 지금은 작은 식당을 운영하는 태랑은 설아에게 소탈하고 낭만적인 삶의 의미를 되새긴다.

Jun Hwi seems like a regular office worker. But the truth is, he's actually an undercover boss who is first in line to succeed the chairman. With his stylish and dashing good looks, many women show their interest in him. However, as a man who doesn't believe in marriage, he rejects them all. He is also a strict individualist who absolutely detests being on the giving or receiving end of loss. On the other hand, Cheong Ah is a bit pathetic, barely scraping by with part-time jobs while attempting to pass the civil service exams for the eighth year in a row. A real-life youthful romance begins when Cheong Ah, a girl who is loyal to a fault, meets Jun Hwi, a self-centered 'man of the times' who doesn't believe in marriage.

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