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부부 백년해로를 위한 건강 프로젝트! 대한민국 셀럽 부부들이 그동안 몰랐던 배우자의 생활을 들여다보고, 배우자들의 생활과 성격을 솔직히 털어놓는다. 내가 알고 있던, 또는 몰랐던 인생 파트너의 모습을 알고, 함께 행복한 삶을 누리기 위해 해야 할 것들을 이해한다.

Baewuja is a healthcare information program for married couples who want to live a happy and long life together. The celebrity couples can find out what they know or don't know about their spouses through the camera. They also reveal the partners' unexpected sides, which can help find the perfect healthcare and medical solution for the couples. The show suggests what viewers should do to live a happy and meaningful life with your life partners.

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