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1923년 관동대지진 이후 퍼진 괴소문으로 억울하게 학살당한 6천여 명의 무고한 조선인. 이를 은폐하기 위한 방안으로 일본내각은 “불령사”를 조직해 굳세게 항일운동을 하던 조선 청년 박열을 대역사건의 배후로 지목한다. 억울하게 소리소문도 없이 사라질 위기에 처한 박열은 동지이자 연인인 가네코 후미코와 함께 일본 황태자 폭탄 암살 계획을 자백하고 법정에 서서 일본의 만행을 전 세계에 알린다.

After the devastating Great Kanto earthquake in 1923, an absurd rumor was spread that Koreans were exploiting the damages from the disaster, committing robberies and poisoning wells. Fueled by the fear of Korean independence movement, anti-Korean sentiment is fired up, resulting in mass murders by vigilante groups and police. As an attempt to re-direct attention from the massacres, the Japanese government arrests random Koreans, among them, Park Yeol, a young anarchist. Instead of denying the charge, Park Yeol, with his comrade and lover, Kaneko Fumiko, confesses his attempt to assassinate Crown Prince. During his trial that is broadcast all over the country, Park Yeol exposes all the crimes done by the Japanese government.

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