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평범한 27세 청년은 어느 날 말기암 선고를 받았다. 갑자기 환자가 된 주인공은 첫 항암치료를 받으며 숲속 세계에 도달한다. 현실의 고통스러운 투병과 '아만자'의 흥미진진한 모험 속에 삶의 의미를 찾아가는 따뜻한 이야기. 동명 웹툰 원작.

A 27-year-old man is diagnosed with terminal cancer. As he starts his chemotherapy, he arrives at 'the Forest,' a fantasy world he will explore and meet other beings. Based on the webtoon, the series explores the meaning of life by showing both the painful battle against cancer and the exciting adventure in the dream world.

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