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대한민국 4세대 걸그룹 대표 에스파의 첫 여행 리얼리티. 싱크로드의 첫 여행지는 강원도 평창과 동해 지역. 멤버들은 싱크로드를 완성하기 위해서 여행지 곳곳에 숨겨진 ae-key를 찾아야 한다. 과연 에스파는 첫 싱크로드를 완성하고 다음 싱크로드로 가는 문을 열 수 있을까?

aespa, the fourth-generation girl group that represents Korea, starts its first reality travel show. The first travel spots of the Synk Road are Gangwon's East Sea and Pyeongchang. Throughout the trip, the members must find the hidden ae-key cards and complete the Synk Road. They will go through various missions to earn the ae-key cards as they enjoy the trip. Can aespa successfully complete the first Synk Road and open the door to the next Synk Road?

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