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부잣집 아들로 부족한 것 없이 자란 박지형은 힘든 삶을 자존심 하나로 버텨온 여자 이서연을 만나 사랑에 빠진다. 너무 다른 서로의 환경에 결국 지형은 정혼자인 향기와의 결혼을 결심하지만 서연이 치매에 걸렸다는 것을 알게되며 이뤄질 수 없는 사랑에 모든 것을 던지게 되는데…

Park Ji-hyung and Lee Seo-yeon are as different as fire and ice. Having grown up as a respected doctor’s son, Ji-hyung led a life of success and comfort. On the other hand, for Seo-yeon, life was a continuous battle against one obstacle after another. While they fall in love with each other, Ji-hyung decides to marry Hyang-gi, a girl chosen by his parents. However, when he finds out that Seo-yeon’s got Alzheimer’s’ disease, he decides to stay with his love through her dark times.

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