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올 한해 시청자에게 큰 웃음을 선사한 예능 프로그램을 돌아보는 시간! '나 혼자 산다', '놀면 뭐하니', '전지적 참견 시점' 등 MBC 대표 예능의 주인공들이 모두 모여 한 해를 축하한다. 2022년 자신의 분야에서 크게 활약하며 시청자를 즐겁게 한 세 명의 셀럽이 MC로 활약한다.

The 2022 MBC Entertainment Awards will look at the popular variety shows that made its viewers laugh throughout the year. The hosts for the awards are a combination of three distinguished personalities that are prominent figures in each of their realms. Jun Hyun Moo, an active emcee portraying various personas in Idol Star Athletics Championships and Home Alone, will be joined by Lee Yi Kyung, a new member who continuously shows his vibrant charms in How Do You Play? Kang Min Kyung, who has swept the headlines in all her roles, will also be joining. Please look forward to their lively, energetic chemistry on stage.

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