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2022년 한 해 다양한 장르의 드라마로 시청자에게 다채롭고 즐거운 이야기를 선사한 MBC가 올해 MBC 드라마의 활약을 정리하는 자리를 마련했다. 인상적인 캐릭터와 강렬한 연기를 선보인 배우들 중 올해 연기대상의 주인은 누가 될까?

For the third time in a row, the 2022 MBC Drama Awards will be hosted by Kim Seong Ju. Joining him to co-host the event is Choi Soo Young who has shown impressive performance in the drama series, Fanletter, Please. In 2022, MBC had presented successful series in diverse genres, such as Tracer, Game of Witches, Fanletter, Please, The Forbidden Marriage, and many more. The Drama Awards event will be a glorious place where all the characters gather to remind the viewers of the time they enjoyed these pieces. But among them, who will have the honor of winning this year's grand award?

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