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올 한해 모두와 함께 기쁨과 눈물을 공유했던 KBS 드라마를 한곳에서 만난다. 단막극, 미니시리즈, 일일연속극과 주말드라마까지, 다채로운 형식, 장르, 내용을 자랑하는 여러 작품과 강렬한 연기로 시청자를 즐겁게 한 배우들과 함께 한 해를 마무리하는 축제를 즐긴다.

The main characters of KBS dramas have shared joy and sorrow with viewers like friends, partners, and family this year. On the last night of 2022, you get to meet them in 1 place. MC Jun Hyun Moo returns to host the KBS Drama Awards for the 1st time in 3 years. Lee Hye Ri, who played Kang Ro Seo in "Moonshine" to rave audience reviews, will join him. Various works spanning genres, such as mini-series, daily dramas, weekend dramas, and drama specials will share their accolades. Who will be the one to win the grand prize at the KBS Drama Awards? Stay tuned!

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