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네 남녀, 두 부부를 중심으로 사랑, 결혼, 가족에 대한 남녀의 생각 차이를 유쾌하고 솔직하게 그리는 러브 코미디. 까다롭고 예민한 석무는 매사 느긋한 휘루와 결혼한 후 하루하루가 고문 같다. 그러던 어느 날 아주 사소한 문제로 다툰 뒤 두 사람은 이혼을 결심한다. 사정상 이혼 후에도 함께 살면서 석무와 휘루는 결혼 때는 알지 못했던 면을 발견한다. 한편 석무의 대학시절 여자친구인 유영은 여자들 사이에서 인기 만점인 장현과 위태로운 결혼 생활을 이어간다. 두 사람은 서로를 사랑하지만 결혼이라는 제도가 자신들과 맞는지 고민한다.

Suk Moo is a very picky and sensitive man. He used to do music when he was in university, but he gave up on it for some reason. He always thinks he didn't choose the right path for his life. Hwi Roo is relaxed and positive. She has a hard time trying to get a job, so she earns her money by running a guest house on the second floor of her house and working as a physical activity teacher. She doesn't care about petty things. One day, Suk Moo and Hwi Roo get into a fight with each other over a piece of cake. They realize that they are so different. Yoo Young is a strong independent woman, but sometimes, she seems so fragile. Jang Hyun is a bad boy who is popular among women. He doesn't seem like the type to get married, but he easily got married with Yoo Young. Is marriage really the perfect form of love? This drama is a love comedy that shows how men and women differently think about love, marriage, and family.

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