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성적 상위 1%의 모범생 연시은. 공부 외에는 딱히 관심이 없고, 친구도 없는 '자발적' 아웃사이더. 같은 반의 만년 2등인 전영빈은 집요하게 그를 괴롭히고, 결국 전학생 오범석을 이용해 시은의 모의고사를 망친다. 결국 폭발한 시은은 영빈 패거리와 맞서지만 곧 밀리게 되는데, 그때 같은 반 친구 안수호와 오범석이 시은을 돕는다. 세 사람은 그렇게 '진짜' 친구가 되는데...

Yeon Shi-eun is a top-of-the-class model student interested in anything but studying. He's endured bullying from Jeon Young-bin, who always ends up second behind him. But Shi-eun's nerve finally snaps when Young-bin makes Oh Beom-seok, a new student in his class, sabotage Shi-eun's exam. He fights against Young-bin's gang, but the situation turns against him. That's when Ahn Soo-ho, another classmate from his class, and Beom-seok, cut into the fight and help him. That's the start of their beautiful and fragile friendship.

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