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유명한 태권도 선수였지만 불공정한 판정에 항의하고 운동을 그만둔 고교생 건우. 전학 첫날, 일진들의 싸움에 휘말린 그는 단숨에 그들을 제압한다. 그에 대한 소문이 돌면서 일진들이 그에게 하나둘 도전하고, 건우는 이들을 상대하면서 삶의 흥미를 찾아간다.

Kun-woo was once a promising Taekwondo player but quit after appealing the judge's wrong and unjust call. On the first day of school, he somehow gets involved in a big fight between the school thugs, defeating all of them. Rumors about him spread fast, and every thug in the school challenges him and loses. As the series of fights go on, Kun-woo finds a thing he can enjoy in his miserable life.

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