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전남 곡성의 한 시골마을. 이곳의 할머니들은 '길작은 도서관'에서 김선자 선생님에게 글을 배운다. 어릴 땐 형편이 어려워서 글을 배우지 못했고, 결혼해서는 고단한 시집살이를 견디느라, 가족들에게 헌신하느라 글을 익힐 기회가 없었다. 모진 세월을 견뎌내고 나서야 할머니들은 글을 배울 수 있었고, 그들의 삶을 시로 풀어냈고, 이들의 작품은 2016년 시집으로 출간되었다. 다큐멘터리는 긴 세월 동안 켜켜이 쌓은 웃음과 행복, 눈물과 고통을 아름다운 시어로 풀어낸 할머니들의 일상을 따라간다.

In a small rural village in Jeollanam-do, senior ladies learn to read and write from Mrs. Kim at a 'Sall Library at the Road,' a community library and learning center. When they were young, they couldn't go to school because their families were poor. Getting married, they couldn't make time for their education while raising their children and supporting family. After the long and suffering years, they finally have an opportunity for education, a chance to tell their stories with their own words. Their beautiful works were published as a book in 2016. The documentary follows the senior poets' daily lives as they write about their lives of joy, laughter, tears, and happiness.

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