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한반도 평화와 북한의 핵 문제로 남북미 정상들이 북한 원산에서 정상회담을 갖던 중 북한의 강경파들의 쿠데타로 3국의 정상들이 북한 잠수함에 납치되고, 그 틈에 미국, 일본, 중국, 북한 강경파들은 각각 그들만의 전쟁계획을 세우는데, 잠수함에 갇힌 한 대통령은 과연 이 위기를 어떻게 타개해 나갈 것인가?

Leaders of South Korea, North Korea, and the U.S. hold a summit in Wonsan, North Korea to discuss North Korea’s nuclear issue and peace in the Korean Peninsula. Interrupted by some North Korean hardliners who have raised a coup, the leaders of the three countries are abducted and taken away on a North Korean submarine. As the North Korean hardliners, the U.S., Japan, and China each set up their own plans for war, how will President HAN of South Korea, who is trapped inside a submarine, overcome this crisis?

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