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자존심 강하고 의리에 죽고 사는 폼생폼사 인생, 혁주는 우연히 청소년 댄스 대회에 참가했다가 무대에서 춤을 춘다. 폼나고 짧고 굵게 살고 싶어서 조폭을 꿈꾸던 혁주는 자신이 원하는 '폼나게 사는 방법'이 무대에도 있음을 깨닫고, 그날부터 가수가 되기로 결심하다. 상미 또한 혁주처럼 스타를 꿈꾼다. 소박하고 수수한 소녀 상미는 힘들고 괴로울 때마다 자신을 드라마나 만화의 주인공으로 상상해 왔다. 어느 날 마침내, 상미에게 그런 기회가 왔다. 한편 혁주는 운명처럼 당대 최고의 가수 렉스와 만나며 인생의 큰 전환점을 맞이한다.

Hyuk Ju is a bullheaded man who is proud and lives like life is dependent on loyalty. Hyuk Ju, who has always been reckless and ignorant, enters a youth dance competition by chance and is forced to dance on stage. After being scolded as a juvenile delinquent all his life, Hyuk Ju heard people cheering loudly for him for the first time and decides to become a singer from that day forward. However, he isn't the only one who decided to become a star as Sang Mi is the same. Sang Mi is a clumsy girl who is unruly and simple-minded. After living in her own little world and imagining how her life unfolds, Sang Mi finally ends up achieving the dream of becoming a star. Meanwhile, Hyuk Ju's fate brings him to face the ingenious star of his time, Rex, and he enters a huge turning point. What future awaits these young men and women who want to become stars?

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