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얼굴, 이름, 명성이 아닌, 오직 실력으로만 최고의 가수를 가리는 대결! 나이, 신분, 직종을 숨긴 스타들이 가면을 쓴 채 자신의 노래 실력을 선보이면, 연예인 패널과 일반 관객 판정단이 투표를 통해 실력자를 뽑는다. 선입견에 가려 제대로 듣지 못했던 목소리, 접하기 어려웠던 실력자들의 퍼포먼스를 감상할 수 있다. 또한 목소리만으로 정체를 추측하는 재미가 있다.

To singers, popularity is their mark of rank in the industry. People tend to be more generous when evaluating the music of their favorite singer. This is why every songwriter tries to work with famous singers. The singer's fame will make the song famous. But what if we pick the best singer without knowing the singer's identity and popularity, but with just pure skill? Who will be the best singer then? This show started with such a question. Singers will be able to present themselves with sincere singing skills, unbiased. The battle of superb singers who were hidden and forgotten now begins.

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