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대한민국의 모든 보험회사가 탐내는 베테랑 보험 조사팀장 최강우. 전직 경찰인 그는 수사권이 없는 보험 조사원이 법 안에서 악질 보험 사기꾼을 잡는 것이 불가능함을 깨닫고, 불법적인 일에 서슴없이 나설 수 있는 사설 조사팀을 만든다. 전직 사기꾼, 전직 국가대표 체조선수, 전과 5범 전직 조폭, 그리고 고등학교를 중퇴한 기계 천재까지. 대체불가 다크 히어로들이 뭉친 팀 '매드독'의 통쾌한 보험범죄조사극이 펼쳐진다.

A thriller drama that reveals the realities behind insurance crimes. Mad Dog is a private investigation team that reveals insurance fraud cases. Choi Kang Woo was a former detective who now works as a veteran insurance investigator that leads the team. He decides to create his own investigation team after a suspicious airplane crash that took the lives of his wife and son. Kim Min Joon is a genius former swindler whose brother was also a victim of the airplane crash. Kang Woo and Min Joon join hands and begin their cooperation. Their plan is to disclose the truth behind what happened and to expose those trying to conceal the ugly truth. To today's society where there are not many people left who seek righteousness, Team Mad Dog will demonstrate how things should be done in this era of chaos.

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