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트로트에 재능이 있는 춘희는 사고만 치는 아버지와 어린 동생을 부양하기 위해 연애, 결혼, 출산, 사회생활, 내 집 마련의 꿈을 모두 포기한 5포 세대 청춘이다. 춘희는 늘 어려웠지만 무대에서 트로트를 부를 때면 그 누구보다 빛난다. 그런 춘희의 어두웠던 날은 실력 있는 작곡가 준현을 만나면서 변화를 맞이한다. 트로트나 성인 가요를 촌스럽다고 생각해 온 준현은 트로트에 남다른 재능을 뽐내는 춘희를 만나면서 트로트 노래를 만들고, 목숨을 건 로맨스까지 시작한다.

Chun Hee, who has a talent for singing trot, must give up on dating, marriage, childbearing, social relationships, and saving up for a home to support her troublemaker father and young sister as the family's breadwinner. She had always lived in the shadows of this difficult environment, but when she's singing trot on stage, she shines more than anyone else. Chun Hee, who had grown up singing and listening to trot from a young age, meets a skilled yet ill-tempered composer named Jun Hyun, who starts to change her life. Jun Hyun had always considered trot and country music tacky, but as he gets to know Chun Hee, who is extraordinarily gifted in trot, he starts to compose trot music and even begins a life-risking romance.

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