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가엾은 3인의 인생 탈출기. 앞 뒤 안가리고 무식하게 찌르고 보는 곤봉. 의료 사고 책임으로 감옥에 가게된 전직의사 세주. 부모의 버림부터 간 이식을 못하면 얼마 살지 못하는 상황이 오자 위안을 삼아 쇼핑만 하던 탓에 빛만 늘어난 재림. 서로의 상황이 연민으로 다가온 세 사람이 모였다.

There are three unfortunate people who are determined to escape their reality. Gon-bong, he accidentally stabs the head of a gang. Sae-joo, the doctor, goes to jail for being unable to save a pregnant mother. Then finally, there is Jae-rim. She is an orphan and she soon finds out that her liver is failing. The only way to relief her sorrow was to shop till she drop. And now she is in a massive debt. Now these three have gathered in pity.

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