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스타 변호사 이태경은 대한민국 최상류층이 법의 심판을 피하는 데 탁월한 능력을 발휘해 왔다. 그는 변호사가 되기 전, 동생의 사망 사고를 겪으며 법이 돈과 힘이 없는 사람들의 편이 아니라는 것을 깨달았다. 분노에 눈먼 그에게 누군가 거래를 제안한다. 건설 회사 CEO 송우영은 가족 앞에서 권력을 가진 이들에게 치욕을 당한 후, 과거를 다시 되풀이하지 않겠다는 신념 하나로 살아간다. 두 남자의 위험한 파트너십은 연쇄 실종 사건이 발생하며 시험에 든다. 사건에 실체에 접근하던 태경은 자신의 삶의 목표가 동생의 복수였다는 사실을 깨닫는다. 선과 악이 계속 바뀌는 혼란 가운데 태경과 우영은 결국 충돌한다.

Tae Kyung is a lawyer who willingly defends corrupted high-ranking officials to earn his wealth and power. He started to chase money and power after he lost his family because of money and power. He wants to avenge his brother's death, so he joins hands with Woo Yong. However, he finds out the truth of his brother's death when he gets caught up in the disappearance case of the children. Woo Yong is the chairman of a construction company. For his family, he is willing to commit an evil deed. To achieve what he desires, he obeys people who are in authority. He doesn't hesitate to trample the weak, and he moves toward his goal without a hitch. However, he eventually collapses because of his desire. During their journey to achieve their own goals, they forgot about one important thing. That finding out the meaning of life is the most important, not accomplishing their ambitions. Will they be able to realize this in the end?

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