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신비한 힘이 깃든 물건과 이를 쫓는 사람들의 이야기. 젊고 강직한 검사 강곤은 우연히 '아이템'의 존재를 알게 된다. 이 일로 강곤의 조카가 위험에 처하자, 그는 아이템에 깃든 비밀과 음모론의 실체를 밝히기로 결심한다. 한편 프로파일러 시소정은 살인 사건을 수사하며 아이템이 사건과 연관이 있음을 알아낸다. 소정은 사건 해결을 위해, 강곤은 사랑하는 사람을 지키기 위해 힘을 합치고, '아이템'의 비밀을 밝힐 뿐 아니라 이를 노리는 강력한 적과 맞선다.

What if normal items which belong to normal people are able to do extraordinary things? Unbelievable things are now possible due to items contain special powers. Gon, a prosecutor who can't stand injustice, investigates paranormal events. He must continue investigating to save his cousin, whom he loves very much. While trying to save his cousin, Thankfully, Gon gets the help of a brilliant colleague, So Young. Even when she is at the horrendous crime scene, she is still collected, competent, and decisive. The duo faces individuals who are aware of the power and danger of these items. One of them is Se Hwang, a man with power and status. He appears to be a successful and progressive entrepreneur on the surface, but he is a sociopath who craves bloodshed. He wishes to use these dangerous items to murder others as he pleases. Gon and So Young get some help to uncover the mysteries behind these items; it will be a strenuous and challenging journey for them.

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