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한국의 인기 아이돌 그룹, 위아이(WEi)와 프로미스나인(fromis_9)이 '굿즈' 팔기에 나선다. 그들은 생존에 필요한 아이템을 얻기 위해 다양한 게임을 하고 미션을 완수해야 한다. 또한 물물고홴을 통해 작은 기업들이 생산한 상품과 한국 상품을 바꿔야 한다. 굿즈 교환을 위한 엉망진창 게임과 나름의 전략, 그를 통한 특별한 경험으로 채운, 아이돌들의 고생 리얼 버라이어티.

WEi and fromis_9, the two of the most popular idol groups in Korea, go on a trip for two days and a night to sell goods on a real variety show. In each episode, they have to play various games and complete missions to get items essential for survival. They also have to get goods produced by small companies and K-goods through barter. The WEi members show their passion by playing messed-up games to trade with the production crew for K-goods and causing everybody to laugh. The fromis_9 members also participate in various games and experiences, fully enjoying a two-day trip to sell goods. Join their journey now!

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