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고전소설 춘향전을 춘향의 몸종, 향단의 시각에서 재해석한 이야기. 향단은 어느 날 춘향의 집에 몰래 들어온 정체불명의 사내를 의로운 무법자라 생각하고 돕는다. 그 남자는 바로 남원부사의 아들 몽룡이었고, 향단과 몽룡은 첫눈에 서로에게 호감을 느낀다. 하지만 향단은 월매가 몽룡과 춘향을 짝지어주려는 걸 알게 되고, 자신의 감정을 숨긴 채 두 사람이 가까워질 수 있게 돕는다.

The famous story of Chun Hyang is reinterpreted from Hyang Dan's perspective. In fact, Hyang Dan had a more ardent love for Mong Ryong than Chun Hyang. Hyang Dan spots a man in a mask sneaking into Chun Hyang's house, and she helps him, thinking he is a righteous outlaw. It turns out that the man is Mong Ryong, and the two instantly click at the first encounter. Soon, Hyang Dan finds out that Wol Mae is trying to pair Mong Ryong off with Chun Hyang, so she hides her feelings and helps them get close. How will this heartrending love story of Hyang Dan and Mong Ryong overcome their social standings and end up?

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