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조상들의 지혜가 담겨있는 다양한 우리말 속담들을 통해서 언어력을 향상시킴은 물론, 한 번 생각해야 의미를 알 수 있는 속담의 뜻을 아이가 직접 추측해보고 실제 생활에 적용해보면서 창의력과 사고력을 높힐 수 있는 기회를 갖는다.

Proverbs are replete with wisdoms passed down from our ancestors. Proverbs can be used to engage children and enhance their understanding of the culture. Also children will learn new words and syntax from studying the proverbs and develop creativity and logical thinking ability as they try to guess the meanings of proverbs and apply them to various situations in everyday life.

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