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자기 인생의 비밀을 밝히려는 용감한 한 여자와 그 비밀을 그대로 묻어두려 발버둥 치는 사람들의 이야기. 모든 사람에게 따스하고 친절한 동주는 어릴 적 어떤 사고를 당한 후 심각한 트라우마에 시달리고 있다. 어느 날, 동주는 겉보기엔 냉정하고 강인한 남자 필승을 만난다. 처음 만난 순간부터 아옹다옹 다투는 사이가 된 두 사람은 자신들이 얼마 동안 똑같은 꿈을 꿨다는 걸 알게 된다. 그 꿈은 사실 그동안 둘의 밤을 괴롭혔던, 28년 전 일어난 끔찍한 사건과 이어진다. 그 중심엔 탐욕을 그칠 줄 모르는 비나와, 비나만을 사랑하는 헌신적인 연인 준기가 있다.

Four people from very different backgrounds with very different personalities and professions portray women and men's mysterious and secret lives in their thirties. One of them is Dong Joo. An optimistic woman who has endured more than enough bitterness in life. Innocent and bubbly like a can of soda, her life and existence get taken from her. Sabina, the second woman of the four, steals Dong Joo's life. She has an unquenchable thirst for success. And with her deadly beauty, she intends on taking the world. Pil Seung, a man out of the four, is a cold-hearted detective when it comes to love. And the last out of the four is Joon Ki, a man who has everything but love. He dedicates everything to Sabina. Although he manages to triumph his dangerous endeavor, at the end of Dong Joo and Pil Seung's tenacious chase, everything crumbles before him like a mirage. With one miraculous event, the lives of these four people, Dong Joo, Pil Seung, Sabina, and Joon Ki, become entangled in which becomes a turning point in each of their lives. A traumatic dream shared by Dong Joo and Pil Seung soon reveals a horrific secret in their memories of 28 years ago. In that deep secret, Sabina and Joon Ki exist. The dangerous game between the ones who hide and the ones who chase begins now.

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