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우리 사회에는 상상을 초월하는 극도로 힘든 직업환경 속에서 일하는 사람들이 있다. 거대한 구조물, 척박한 자연환경 등 역경을 극복하고 난관을 해결하는 그들의 모습을 밀착 촬영하여 생생하게 보여줌으로서 인간의 의지, 그리고 팀워크와 리더십으로 문명을 이뤄온 인류의 한 단면을 보여준다.

Though unseen and unrecognized by us, there are people in every corner of our society, who are doing amazing works in unimaginably harsh work environments. The show provides an opportunity to catch a glimpse into their work and what it takes to get those works done. Their professionalism and dedication to their work reflect the driving force of our civilization that has moved humanity forward since ancient times. Viewers will gain a whole new appreciation to works that enable our way of life and will be inspired by the courage, teamwork, and leadership people display in face of obstacles.

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