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끝도 없고 빛도 안나는 주부의 일. 하지만 피할 수 없다면 즐겨라! 가사를 노동이 아니라 쉽고 재밌는 살림으로 즐기기 위해, 늘어나는 건 잔머리와 꼼수 뿐! 살림에 필요한 쇼핑과 생활 팁, 세 남자와 함께 하는 미국생활을 전업 주부 Chu가 공유합니다. 살림만이 전부는 아닌, 살림 이야기 CHU TV. 나와 가족을 위한 집안일이 보다 즐거워지는데에, CHU TV가 도움이 되었으면 좋겠습니다.

Housewives are usually busy with more practical jobs, such as house chores and taking care of their families. However, if I can't avoid it, I'll enjoy it! I’m gonna show you my day in the life in the US with my husband and two sons, and the tips for shopping and living. Household chores are not everything, but the amazing housework story of an ordinary housewife on CHU TV. I share all sorts of homemaking motivation.  Please enjoy my channel.

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