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사회적 문제로 대두되고 있는 성차별 이슈! 우리가 일상 속에서 무심코 지나쳤던 성에 대한 고정관념과 성 역할에 대한 갈등을 유쾌하고 솔직하게 얘기하는 국내 최초의 젠더 토크쇼!

Despite a raise in social awareness about gender equality and women empowerment, gender discrimination exists in every corner of our society, from school to work, and harms both men and women equally. However, because of the nature of the issue, which is not only ambiguous in many aspects but also contains sensitive or embarrassing topics, many people shy away from bringing up the issue. By talking honestly about gender issues and poking fun at gender stereotypes, this talk show helps bring out the issue to light and resolve conflict and misunderstandings.

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