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GS홈쇼핑 연속매진, 5달만에 100억판매 돌파, ODK샵 단독특가 아침 출근시간을 줄여주는 인생 고데기, 170도까지 올라가는 브러쉬 바람이 나와 속까지 풍성하게 엉키지 않는 브러쉬타입 생긴건 일상틱 퍼포먼스는 환상틱 손쉽게 머리하세요. 모든 제품은 온라인몰 에서 구매 가능하며, 전화주문은 월~금: 6am - 5pm PST (714-266-1432)로 가능합니다.

All-in-1 hair straightener and micro curler for styling; a tool for various hairstyles, the great combination of straightening brush and curling comb. With the wide and dense tooth design, you can brush your hair in a matter of minutes, allowing you to get started quickly and create the smooth styles you want. Also, don't miss all-time special discounts. You can order at and phone orders are also available on Mon~Fri: 6am - 5pm PST (714-266-1432).

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