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세상에 다시없을 앙숙 모녀, 진애와 순옥. 진애는 엄마처럼 살기 싫다며 답답한 집에서 벗어나길 꿈꾸고, 순옥은 자신의 헌신을 몰라주는 아이들이 답답하다. 진애는 같은 회사에서 만난 훈재와 사랑에 빠져 결혼을 약속하는데, 그 과정에서 훈재의 어머니 영선과 마찰을 빚는다. 진애는 다른 삶을 살았지만 자식을 똑같이 사랑하는 두 어머니를 보며 아내로서, 어머니로서의 자신의 미래를 그려본다.

This is about a touching family love that depicts love and hatred between a mother and daughter. The main characters are Jin Ae, the daughter who believes she can be happy only if she gets out of her house, and San Ok, the mother who always says, "Do you know what it is like to live as a mother? Try putting yourself in my shoes!" Lastly, Yeong Seon wants to be a lovely mother-in-law. However, things go differently than planned, and their behavior often causes misunderstandings. Let us follow their stories and find ways to become a good family.

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